Solaflon® technology

Since 2014 Chemshield BV has been the sales representative of POM TV UG the owners and developers of the Solaflon® technology.

All types of Solaflon® are liquid fluoropolymers with solid contents from 3% up to 45%. Fluoropolymer materials and composites have become quite common in our life and in technology.

Sustainability and durability of these materials are very well known, although these effects have been limited to some exclusive substrates. For instance the fabric „sail“ of the Burj Al Arab and the roof of „Ferrari World“ are protected by a fluoropolymer coating.

Solaflon® is enlarging the possibilities of this material class, by offering the unique possibility of a liquid and so called „cold“ coating, which does not require the usual high temperature melting conditions. This liquid form of applicability now allows many new also temperature sensitive substrates to be coated with a protective fluoropolymer surface. It also allows for application like any normal PU or acrylic lacquer by brush, roller or spray gun.

Solaflon® properties: 

  • Basic polymer transparent 
  • Basic polymer UV transparent and UV stable 
  • Full UV protection to substrate by embedded transparent UV blocking 
  • Basic polymer chemical inert and high resistant 
  • Basic polymer not combustible after drying 
  • 1 K and 2 K systems for different requirements 
  • Embedding of color pigments 
  • Embedding of functional pigments 
  • Embedding of additives 
  • Printable surface 
  • Custom tailored thickness of coating 
  • Orientable hydrophobic & oleophobic 

Solaflon® becomes „enduring protector “ to many substrates and applications: 

  • Architectural textiles 
  • Technical textiles 
  • Foils – transfer - substrates – tapes - laminates 
  • Wood – indoors and outdoors 
  • Concrete – stone – ceramics 
  • (Carbon) composites 
  • Aluminum - steel – stainless-steel 
  • Polymers – acrylates - PVC 
  • Foils , foams , solid parts

All Solaflon® coatings are available with low surface tensions, means a hydrophobic and olio phobic behavior, what creates easy to clean surfaces and with defined additives a super hydrophobic a lotus effect.

We have achieved long term experience in formulating recipes embedding custom-tailored functional additives in Solaflon® i.e. transparent UV Blockers, Heat Stop pigments, Solar reflection additives, flame retardancy, and many, many more. 


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Bangkok airport
The inner lining of the new Bangkok airport consists of over 180.000m² Solaflon coated non-flammable glass woven textile.
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Project M-Rect
The unique UV absorbing qualities have qualified Solaflon in the EU FP-7 funded project M-Rect.
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January 2015
Today we tested cleaning methods for a stainless steel structure and demonstrated a transparent Solaflon® coating on the stainless steel umbrella’s at the five star Rosewood hotel in Abu Dhabi.
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April 2015
The five star St Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi, member of the Starwood group, has become the first customer in Abu Dhabi to purchase Solaflon® for protecting their valuable TEAK outdoor furniture.
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June 2015
Two Dubai based five star luxury resorts Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina and Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, with the luxury beach club Barasti Beach, have announced their first purchase of Solaflon® which will be used for…
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March 2016
For the Anantara Hotel and Resort on the Dubai Palm Jumeirah we demonstrated Solaflon® as an affective protection for granite natural stone besides swimming pools.
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Revolutionary development
Revolutionary development with new Solaflon UV+ all-in one.