Solaflon® UV⁺ all in one transparent coating

Optimisation and further development of the Solaflon® coating family has led to a new revolutionary all in one solution applicable on to wooden substrates.

This 2nd generation one-layer fluoropolymer based Solaflon® system reduces the time needed for application of the coating by 66%. After proper cleaning and preparation (sanding) only one layer of Solaflon® UV⁺ all in one is enough to ensure maximum protection against the destructive powers of UV and weather.

All Solaflon® transparent coatings are available in a matt and gloss finish. In a matt finish Solaflon® UV⁺ all in one coating are virtually invisible and do not affect the natural appearance of the wood.


Solaflon® UV⁺ all in one transparent coating, both matt and gloss, possess the following unique qualities:

  • 99,99% UV absorption
  • Hydrophobic (easy cleaning)
  • Chemically inert 
  • Hygienic and hyper allergic  
  • Flame retardant